Do you need help with monetizing domains? Redirect Buyer has revolutionized the concept of domain parking. Traditional parking companies use a PPC feeds to monetize your domains. Redirect Buyer takes it one step further and has created a domain parking monetization program that monetizes your domain with a combination of CPC, CPM and CPA offers, which achieves higher RPMs for your portfolio. After moving from a traditional PPC platform to Redirect Buyer, our clients have seen their portfolios increase by up to 400%!

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Getting set-up with Redirect Buyer is easy! Simply create an account , set-up your domains and start making money and boosting RPMs within minutes.

Need More Reasons?
  • All Domains Accepted
    • There are no bans with Redirect Buyer, we accept all domain types and allow adult domain parking.
  • We Monetize All International Traffic
    • Through our strategic partners, we are able to monetize international traffic for 100% of your traffic, ensuring you don't lose any revenue. Find out more about our international domain parking solutions today.
  • Optimization Team
    • Our team is constantly monitoring and testing offers and land page designs, working to increase domain revenue and ensuring that your domain is generating the highest EPC possible.
  • Proven Success Over the Past 10 Years
    • Redirect Buyer is a division of Media Breakaway, LLC, who recently celebrated their 10 year anniversary. The minds behind Redirect Buyer are some of the most knowledgeable and experienced in the industry.
  • Weekly Payouts
    • If you generate at least $1,000 per week, you could qualify for weekly payouts.